Top 10 most successful blogs of 2018

There are certain blogs where you can find everything at once and these are the most successful blogs which are mostly preferred by public.

Our liking and the amount of free time makes us do great things! And in this generation of Internet, both of the parameters are aptly represented on our internet windows.

Either read all you like or tell all you know!

Some people are technology freaks, others are suckers for the perfect lifestyle or some are politics lovers and there should be places where these people should find everything they want to read and know.


Huffington Post

most successful blogs

Source: Medium

The Huffington Post was started by blogger-turned-celebrity by Arianna Huffington in 2005. The blog was originally started as Huffington Post and recently renamed as HuffPost. It also regularly tops the global traffic and revenue. HuffPost has maintained its Focus on american politics and it has also greatly expanded to include a wide variety of other topics and localised editions. The site rakes in the revenue from sponsored advertising across its different channels and is thought to be valued at over $1 billion.

The estimated monthly revenue is $14,000,000 with a estimated 110,000,000 visitors visiting the page.


most successful blogs
Source: Wiki

The TMZ was started in 2005, a US celebrity gossip site is wild in the west! It gives you all the perfect checks in the boxes is you want to know all inside hollywood- the sexy photos and the shocking titles, trying to pique reader’s curiosity and keep them clicking for more. The estimated no of visitors are 30,000,000.

Business Insider

most successful blogs
Source: Business Insider

The Business Insider focuses on sharing and analysing the business news with an major interest on financial industry. It basically excels all its competitors like CNBC or Forbes because it provides the readers exactly what they want to read and aggregates the relevant posts from other sources. They also don’t have  a big staff of writers. The estimated visitors are 25,000,000.

The Phrasee Blog

most successful blogs
Source: Phrasee

The Phrasee Blog is all about Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Email marketing. The phrasee blog specialises in using humour, different perspectives and research to connect and reach and create niche market. It hasn’t grown in the market fully, but steadily sure is! Recently recognized as the UK’s best PR, marketing and communications blog at the UK Blog Awards.


most successful blogs
Source: Campaign

Started by Pete Cashmore in 2005, Mashable has an estimated annual revenue of $2,000,000. The Mashable is a go-to social media and tech news. They sure are expanding a lot in the social media updates. The marketing strategies of promoting the page on Twitter and Facebook has sure helped the Mashable to gain a no. of visitors. The estimated number of visitors are 24,000,000.


most successful blogs
Source: Gizmodo

The Gizmodo was started in 2002, is a tech centred site which also excels in providing a lot of design, science and science fiction news. It has also featured a lot of different bloggers to keep the content streaming. It was originally launched in connection to Gawker and in 2016 was bought by Univision Communications in their acquisition of Gawker Media.Its content topics were also popular with a dedicated audience at the time of launch, but then grew over time regarding tech, science fiction and design. The estimated no. of visitors are 23,500,000 and the estimated revenue is $325,000.

Life Hacker

most successful blogs
Source: YouTube

The Life Hacker is highly intriguing even if it puts itself as , “Tips, tricks, and downloads for getting things done.” This site aggregates posts ranging from guides on reading sheet music to “A Helpful Woman’s Guide to Upgrading Your Entire Life With Homemade Marijuana Gummy Bears” and everything in between. The life hacker was started in 2005 and has an estimated count of visitors as 23,250,000.

The Verge

most successful blogs
Source: Owler

The Verge was started in 2011 and has estimated 18,000,000 visitors. The Verge is a multimedia platform that looks at technology news from a mainstream audience’s perspective, including how technology, science, art and culture intersect. The verge includes everything from new XBOX review to a new discovery at NASA. 

The Daily Beast

most successful blogs
Source: Money

The daily beast focuses on politics, pop culture and world news. It was started in 2008 and has estimated number of visitors as 15,500,000. The daily beast prides itself as delivering ‘award-winning original reporting and sharp opinion from big personalities’, with a tendency to call out others’ BS. Recognised by Nieman Lab as one of the fastest-growing news sites year-over-year in 2015.

Perez Hilton

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Source: Facebook

The perez hilton was started in 2005 and is a controversial gossip website. It was started by Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr, a.k.a Perez Hilton. Like TMZ, Perez Hilton also shares Scandalous news with Perez’s own commentary on it. The blogger and website have regularly come under attack over the years for sharing controversial information, images and videos that celebrities have claimed to be slanderous or illegally obtained. The perez hilton has an estimated visitors as a number 14,500,000 and the estimated Revenue is $575,000.

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