Top 10 Window’s Registry Cleaner Software

Do you know what happens in our Windows PC internally when we install a new piece of software or attach a new peripheral device to it? Well, let me give you some insights on that before we begin with our main agenda for today i.e. to find the Top 10 Registry Cleaner Software for Windows.
So, When we install a new program in our system, the files holding the requisite information of the program get accumulated in a special folder called Windows Registry. The information includes the program’s location, its version, and its initial configuration settings. This is stored in the form of keys and values. Now, whenever the newly installed program is in use, system refers the Windows Registry. Changes are made to the entries in the program’s file and stored again in the registry.

Wonder what if we delete or uninstall the program? Or it becomes obsolete, no longer in use(like a game that I have already played to boredom)? Do the entries get deleted from the Registry on their own? The Answer is No. The related information stays there, unwanted and unused.

Remember, that Windows Registry is a repository that contains this vital information for every program and peripheral attached to your system. If any of the devices or programs go unused, their related entries collectively form a mount of debris. And this debris leads to degradation of our system’s performance in terms of speed, reliability, and space. Hence, it needs to be cleansed up. Here comes the role of a Registry Cleaner Software.

What is a Registry Cleaner software?

Registry Cleaner is a program that has the major responsibility of deleting the obsolete information from the Windows Registry. It  mainly aims to ameliorate the overall performance of our system. Additionally, it collects small chunks of unused space and put them together in the Registry to make the space more usable.

Although, Windows Registry is considered a folder of utmost importance, it is suggested not to tamper with files contained in it. However, to give a boost to your system’s performance, a list of Top 10 Windows Registry Cleaner software is lined up.

Piriform’s CCleaner

CCleaner is a top rated free software that cleans the Windows Registry of your system for junk and old files to optimize the overall performance. It is not wholly solely dedicated to registry cleaning only but to the entire system cleaning. The plus points include:

  • Super friendly user interface.
  • Prompts for taking complete backup of your registry so that it can be restored later, if required.
  • Available both on free and paid basis. The paid version monitors and cleans your system in real time.
  • Compatible with almost all the versions of Windows.
  • Can also work without installation in the form of a portable version.
  • Regularly updated.

CCleaner is available here!

Wise Registry Cleaner

This is another top notch registry cleaner tool in the list. With the simplest and attractive user interface, it makes even non-tech savvy users feel confident while using it. It quickly scans your windows registry and displays a list of issues your system has. Wise Cleaner greatly  improvises the speed of your system as it has an inbuilt module to defragment the registry.  Points worth noting in this software are:

  • Places each error under a particular category thereby demarcating normal issues from unsafe ones.
  • Facilitates scheduling of registry scans.
  • 3 different modes of scan: Fast Scan, Deep Scan, and Custom Area.
  • Automatic backup of registry before the cleaning process starts.
  • Available both for free and minimal fee.
  • Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.
  • Pro-version supports access by 3 different users simultaneously.

Wise Registry Cleaner is available here!

 Auslogics Registry Cleaner

An easy to use Registry Cleaner tool, it comes with some unique features. It scans the registry and displays a complete report of bugs with a colored severity indicator. You can select or deselect the areas to be scanned as per your choice. It optimizes the performance of your system by removing the selected and outdated references from the Windows Registry. The Big pluses are:

  • The severity indicator that signifies the level of damage an error can do to your system.
  • Automatic backup and multiple restore points to roll back the changes, as and when required.
  • Support for Windows 10, 8, 7 and 32-bit Vista and XP.
  • Search and Cleanup facility to search for particular entries and cleanse them.
  • Absolutely free.

Auslogics Registry Cleaner is available here!

 Slim Cleaner by Slimware

Get a more responsive PC by using this Registry Cleaner from Slimware. It is an all-in-one package that contains many additional tools for overall PC optimization. However, these tools need to be deselected for exclusive Registry cleaning. The main features are:

  • Gives your Windows system a smooth and quick run by cleaning the entire junk.
  • Supports manual selection and cleaning.
  • Available as a free and premium product with some extra pluses.
  • Facilitates scheduled daily and weekly scans.
  • Automatic backup creation.
  • Support for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows 2000.

SlimCleaner is available here!

 Advanced System Care

A quick solution to all the performance related issues of your system, IObit’s Advanced System Care is equipped with a beautifully designed user interface. Even the novice users find it easy to understand and use. It neatens up your system by pushing the useless obsolete files out and boosts the speed enormously. Features include:

  • Quickly scans and repairs the registry for large number of bugs.
  • Simply puts the list of errors, eliminating the need to look and select.
  • Generates automatic backup.
  • Automatically shuts down/restarts your system after cleaning.
  • Available as Free edition and Pro version.
  • Optimizes browsing speed, takes care of privacy too.

Advanced System Care is available here!

 Glarysoft’s Registry Repair

Registry Repair by Glarysoft is another tool that provides a safe and thorough scan and clean up to your system. It works on the same mechanism and comprises almost the same feature set except the following features:

  • Fast and Intelligent scanning that lists upto 18 different types of registry errors.
  • Updates the program automatically.
  • Provides support for older versions of Windows such as server 2003, NT, ME and 98.
  • Available as a freeware.

Registry Repair is available here!

 WinUtilities Registry Cleaner

WinUtilities is a complete package of tools that intends to robustly clean up your system and boost its performance to a great extent. The exclusive registry cleaner module found in Modules > Cleanup & Repair menu, reduces system errors and crashes by taking out all the unused and unwanted entries from the registry in a quick and safe manner. It has an outstanding feature set that includes:

  • Automatically creates restore points to get the original unchanged registry back.
  • Customization option that allows to clear the restore points after a certain number of days defined by the user.
  • Helps speed up system’s boot process.
  • ScanMyReg, a paid software dedicated to registry cleaning.
  • Available as a totally free software, it supports all versions of Windows OS.
  • Facilitates secure and quick browsing

WinUtilities is available here!


Bluesprig’s JetClean is a fast registry cleaner that cleans your entire Windows registry in just one click and tunes up the performance of your system. Its Rescue Center comprises the registry backup that is automatically created during the Cleanup process. Main catches include:

  • Simple and Interactive user interface
  • Lightweight, it does not occupy too much space.
  • Generates a portable version that can be used to repair other systems.
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, vista, XP and Windows 2000.

JetClean is available here!

Argente Registry Cleaner

Argente Registry Cleaner presents the interface in the form of a wizard wherein the user can manually pick the bugs to be fixed. It also safely and effectively clears entries from the registry, that are no longer valid. It makes your system stable and smooth running again.

The main pluses include:

  • Automatic maintenance mode that starts working as the system is turned ON.
  • Generation of automatic backup.
  • Changes made to registry can be easily undone.
  • Available in the form of a Portable version too.

Argente Registry Cleaner is available here!

 Eusing Registry Cleaner

Just another freeware in the list, Eusing Registry Cleaner keeps your system fit by removing the unwanted keys from the registry. It creates a backup every time you run the repair process. Available as portable and installable edition, it has the same features as any other Registry Cleaner Software. The main catch is its availability in around 33 languages.

Eusing Registry Cleaner is available here!

These were the 10 best registry cleaners I could find and vouch for. But remember, it is suggested not to play with your windows registry quite often. It contains the most vital information, which if tampered with, can even lead to system crash. Also, make sure that the registry cleaner software you choose takes a backup of your registry, prompts you before cleaning and generates multiple restore points.

If you ever encounter problem after performing a registry cleanup, boot your system in Safe Mode and execute the utility program to restore the registry to its original state.


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