Top 10 Richest YouTubers in 2019

The profusely accessed Video blogging platform YouTube not only allows Infotainment and Entertainment, but is also a humongous money-making source. YouTube pays a fortune to the channel that brings out videos in high demand. There are people who are earning a million dollars through their YouTube channels. Let us have a look at the top ten richest YouTubers in 2019.

Daniel Middleton

Richest YouTubers
Image Source : The Times

With the YouTube Gaming Channel DanTDM having a whopping 21 million subscribers so far, Daniel Middleton starts our list of the richest YouTubers. Daniel, a British professional gamer and commentator , started his gaming channel The Diamond Minecart in 2012. Focusing on a great deal of Video games, he mainly posts daily reviews and game play videos revolving around the popular game Minecraft.

Renamed as DanTDM in 2016, the channel has set a record of 14 billion views. Middleton’s gaming channel publishes tutorials on gaming, tips on how to learn to play a particular game or how to win a particular stage in any game. Above all, Daniel, the 27-year old, is estimated to be worth $18.5 million. The YouTube Millionaire owes the wealth to the channel, his 2017 world tour, a personal apparel brand, a YouTube Red series, some acting stings and his own graphic novel.

Evan Fong

Richest YouTubers
Image Source : Gazette Review

The 26-year old Canadian fun-loving gamer is worth $17 million, second in our list of richest YouTubers. Popular by the channel VanossGaming, the name is inspired by his dad’s name Vanoss62 on the PlayStation 3. The gaming channel has 24 million subscribers, 3 million more than DanTDM. However, it falls short of a few million dollars for him to be on the top. 

With 11 billion views, the channel was started in 2011. Like Daniel, Evan too creates and produces video content related to online game playing. However, VanossGaming stands loud and proud because of his unique video editing style and comedic tone. Born in 1992, Evan also runs a not-so-popular music YouTube channel Rynx.

Moreover, Evan also has a YouTube Red series called Paranormal Action Squad to his credit.

Dude Perfect

Richest YouTubers
Image Source : Dude Perfect

One of the most subscribed channel on YouTube, with 42 million subscribers, Dude Perfect is outcome of a 5 member group. All 5, twins Cory and Coby Cotton along with their three high school friends, do videos around sports tricks and stunts containing comedy elements. Their videos also feature professional athletes and celebrities like Tim McGraw, Chris Paul and Tyreke Evans.

Additionally, Dude Perfect also own a multi-platform (Android ad iOS) supported mobile app by the same name. The Sports Entertainment channel has a gigantic 42 million following and around 8 billion views. Dude Perfect is estimated to be worth $20 million, grabbing the third place on our richest YouTubers catalog.

Mark Edward Fischbach

Richest YouTubers
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Next on the list is a Hawaii based game freak Mark Edward Fischbach, who launched the YouTube channel Markiplier in 2012. With over 23 million subscribers and 11 billion views, Markiplier’s LetsPlay videos focus on PS4 game playing covering mostly the Survival Horror and Action genre.

Additionally, the 29 year old American YouTuber hosts original comedy sketches and animated parodies on his gaming entertainment channel.

Further, Mark is also a voice actor and comedian making appearances in many popular shows including one with the Red Giant Entertainment Company. Mark’s estimated earnings are placed at $17.5 million.

Logan Paul

Richest YouTubers
Image Source : The Verge

An American actor and Vlogger, Logan Paul manages two channels, namely The Official Logan Paul and Logan Paul Vlogs with 5.2 million and 19 million subscribers respectively. The 23 year old caught much public attention owing to the Japanese suicide controversy. However, the Vlogger’s earnings and popularity seemed unaffected by the incidence.

Logan, also a fashion designer, initially started video blogging on the video sharing platform Vine. After that, he moved to Facebook and eventually to YouTube. Moreover, Logan also a merchandise line Maverick to his credit. His estimated earnings are placed at $14.5 million.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg

Richest YouTubers
Image Source : TIME

A 29 year old Swedish gaming commentator, Felix Kjellberg is world’s most successful YouTuber with a massive following of over 96 million. With 21 billion views, his channel PewDiePie brings videos of him playing horror video games along with his funny commentary.

Although Kjellberg attracted negative publicity because of a Wall street Journal report of his videos passing anti-semitic messages. However, such scandals did not stop him from making money and his current earnings are estimated at $15.5 million.

 Ryan ToysReview

Richest YouTubers
Image Source : Wired

The 7-year old child superstar has earned around 19 million subscribers through his channel Ryan ToysReview. His videos usually feature him unwrapping a new toy everyday and giving his honest reviews on the same.

The channel started in 2015, and has set a record of 29 billion views so far. Ryan’s estimated earnings are placed at $22 million.

Jeffree Star

Richest YouTubers
Image Source : Bustle

The American model and fashion-designer, Jeffree Star began Vlogging on Myspace. With the maximum number of followers there, Jeffree switched to YouTube with his channel Jeffreestar  in 2014.

His videos mainly focus on make up skills and beauty tutorials. Moreover, Jeffree donning the hat of a singer-songwriter as well, released his debut studio album Beauty Killer in 2009.

One of the richest YouTubers, Jeffree also has a cosmetic brand of his own, namely Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Followed by around 15 million subscribers, Jeffree usually promotes his cosmetic brand through the Vlog, recording 16 billion views. His net earnings are estimated at $18 million.

Jake Paul

Richest YouTubers
Image Source : Variety

The younger of Paul brothers, 22 year old records funny prank and rap song videos on the YouTube channel with his own name Jake Paul.

Like Logan, Jake also started his Vlogging career on the Vine platform with 5 million followers. However, he switched to YouTube in 2013, and currently records 19 million subscribers. Jake’s rap song “It’s Everyday Bro” brought him into sheer limelight, with 70 million views in a just a month of its release in 2017.

Additionally, Jake bagged the titles of the Social Media Star, the Choice Music Web star and the Choice YouTuber, all in the year 2017. Jake also has  a popular line of merchandise in his list of assets. His total worth is estimated as $21.5 million.


Richest YouTubers
Image Source : Fandom

The slapstick comedian duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla started their YouTube journey with the first ever comedy channel Smosh back in 2005. The channel published some musical video-game videos and amazing parodies.

Smosh also accounts for a number of web series that have won numerous accolades. With over 24 million subscribers, Smosh’s earnings are estimated at $ 12.5 million.

However, the duo parted ways in 2017 with Padilla launching his own channel.





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