Top 10 possible Android Q names

Android Q is in the limelight, again! With its Beta 3 version doing the rounds lately, the dark themed edition of the most sought-after mobile operating system is said to be loaded with a handful of striking new features. However, masses are over inquisitive to know the ‘superbly delicious name’ of the new version, which will most likely be on the floors this August.

From the palatable Cupcake to mouth-watering Jelly Bean to the scrumptious Pie, Google is still on the task of finding a new name to be added to the ‘Tasty Treats’ catalogue.

But, its Q this time! And as they are saying it’s a hard letter, it certainly is. I googled, brainstormed with my partners, scribbled a few on my own and ended up with this list. A List of Top 10 possible Android Q names, here it is.



Source : Sabor Brasil

Quindim, this delicious brazilian dessert, is topping my list of possible Android Q names. Shaped as an upturned cup ring, its main ingredients are sugar, egg yolks, butter, and ground coconut. This deep yellow alluring custard stands a strong chance in satisfying the sweet cravings of Googlers.


Source : Thenoshery

Quesito, a flaky, crispy, sugar-coated puffed pastry twist, satisfies my yearning utterly. The Peurto Rico delicacy is stuffed with vanilla-flavored cream cheese or a tropical fruit preserve. They are best served with a glassful of milk or hot coffee. It has taken the second position in my list of likeable Android Q names.


Source : Get Cracking

A Pie crust filled with a custard-like mixture of eggs, cream and cheese, fused with vegetables, meat or seafood. It can be served warm or chilled. It is a strong contender on the plate of possible Android Q names.


Source : Delish

Quesadilla, a little cheesy pastry, with a corn or flour tortilla filled mainly with cheese, along with chocolate, meat, and fruits . Moreover, this tortilla-based dessert may also contain fillings like nutella, caramel, honey, peanut butter, strawberries, cookie butter, marshmallows and more. With the endless list of options to make it more luscious, it becomes quite relatable to Android Q. Hence it is considered as another apt choice amongst other Android Q names.


Source : Fethiye Times

Quince is a small, pear-shaped, bright golden-yellow nutritious fruit. A warm-climate sweet fruit, it is slightly sour in its raw form. However, it is usually taken in the form of jam or jelly. So, if Googlers are looking for a healthy Android Q name, this fits the choice.


Source : Embare

It is a delicious baked muffin flavored with cheese and grated coconut. Other ingredients include Sweetened condensed milk, sugar, butter, and egg yolks. It is a variation of the Portuguese sweet pastry, Queijada. As far as the name goes, difficult to pronounce, but its sweetness may bring it the laurels of being the next Android Q name.


Source : Annapurnaz

Qurabiya is a tasty cake made out of ground almonds. It is basically a muffin fused with a scone and a biscuit. This cripy bread-like biscuit fits as an impressive treat to satiate the taste buds of Googlers. Hence, considered a possibility for Android Q names.

Queen of Puddings

Source : Asda Good Living

A traditional pudding of custard, cake, and raspberry jam, baked in a breadcrumb-thickened mixture. This british dessert is coated with a layer of soft, chewy meringue. It may also contai n a layer of your fruit preserve. It is mouth-watering as a dish, but too-long as a name option. However, it still stands a chance in the list of Android Q names.


Source : Ahead of Thyme

Qottab is a walnut or almond-filled tempting Iranian pastry. It is packed in a flaky coating made of flour, powdered sugar and cardamom. Although it is delicious dessert, however the name stands a little less chance of wooing Googlers.


Source : Five Heart Home

Quinoa is a protein-rich nutritious plant food that is added as a main ingredient in many delicious and healthy desserts. It is not a dessert itself, however when blended with other ingredients, satiates the sweet tooth of many. Hence, an option for the possible Android Q names.





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