Top 10 Must Read Blogs For Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a challenging task as with the change in algorithms and technology it is difficult to keep updating oneself with it always. Sometimes, the algorithm of the Instagram changes and sometimes it is Facebook. One way or the other social media marketers have to be familiar with these changes. Obviously, one big part of any social media marketer’s role is staying up-to-date and knowing what tactics to use on which platforms to optimize the results. For that matter, it is advisable for the marketers to follow some high profile marketers or read some specialized blogs for it.

With access to the internet and many social media platforms, one can easily keep a watch on such blogs. There are hundreds of bloggers, brands, social media influencers, and digital marketing publications accessible in today’s time. They usually share their expertise, research, and lessons learned from hands-on experiences that might have worked for them. But the remains- how to find such blogs or what blogs to read? We are listing the top 10 must-read social media marketing blogs.



Image Source Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the best all-in-one social media marketing tool. Their blog stands out as one of the best social media marketing blog. They have some of the relevant and expert advice articles that can help you to make the difference in your niche. This blog is full of articles that can lead you to manage and increase your visibility on all the social media platforms like, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and many more.

Buffer Social

Image Source Knowledge Enthusiast

It is a social media management tool and provides very high-quality blog posts related to social media marketing. They have articles written backed by psychological research on how to connect to the target customers using social media. This blog incorporates all the topics associated with social media marketing with in-depth analysis. This is one of the must-read blogs for the beginners as well as the advanced level social media marketers.


Image Source Mashable

Mashable social media blog provides the latest social media news and advice on how you can effectively use social media for marketing. Their blog post has many cutting-edge articles that can help you to put your best foot forward when it comes to social media marketing. Bookmark this Social media marketing blog, and it will never disappoint you.

Social Media Examiner

Image Source Knowledge Enthusiast

Social Media Examiner is one of the largest social media magazines around the world. It provides the latest social media marketing trends and research that keeps you updated. With the help of this blog, marketers can learn to use social media platforms properly for marketing. It also invites a lot of guest authors to provide their expert advice through blog posts for the marketers.

Jon Loomer

Image Source Jon Loomer

Jon Loomer, a marketer, shares his social media skills and knowledge on his blog of the same name. He shares his expertise to guide the advanced level marketing professionals. If you are looking for some professional insights for your Facebook marketing. His blog will keep you updated with the new trends and Facebook algorithm changes. You should definitely check his blog out.


Kim Garst

Image Source Kim Garst

Kim Garst is one of the best social media marketers and her blog offers excellent insight about just that. Her blog teaches small businesses to use social media to gain new customers. This blog advice you on different categories for all popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, social selling, visual content, or simply for general social media advice.


Socially Sorted

Image Source Dsim

Socially sortes is a social media marketing blog created by Donna Moritz who is a social media guru. This blog is named one of the top 10 social media blogs for several years in a row by Social Media Examiner. You’ll find ample useful tips and strategies to help you and your brand climb the social media marketing ladder easily.

Razor Social

Image Source Brand 24

This blog offers social media topics on different social media tools that can help to promote their brand through digital marketing. They cover topics on advanced marketing tools, statistics, activity monitoring, and audience insights. If you want to gain deep knowledge and insights on social media marketing, then RazorSocial is the blog you should definitely read.

The Moz Blog

Image Source Culture Studio

The MOZ is a digital marketing company that provides services to promote and increases the visibility of your brand. In the social media category of the blog, it covers everything you need to know about social media marketing. You’ll find blog posts on expert analytics, how-tos, what-ifs, case studies, and relevant insights on several social media practices.

Rebekah Radice

Image Source Sprout Social

Rebekah Radice is one of the leading social media influencers, and her social media marketing blog is perfect for anyone who wants learn it. This blog consists of many common social media topics that guide marketers properly through social media marketing tools, basically, everything to succeed on social media. It contains valuable information about how to tweet successfully, brand awareness, call-to-action, social media post optimization, etc.


Fortunately, there are so many other social media blogs that can help you to be a successful social media marketers. I tried to include all such top-rated social media marketing blogs. In case, if you know of some other top social media marketing blogs that should be listed here, do share in the comments.


Featured Image Source Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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