Top 10 bugs/issues that are currently plaguing Android Q

2019 began with unveiling the latest software update to the remarkable mobile operating system from Google, the Android. Curtains were drawn to bring Android 10 Q to light. With a slew of striking new features, the latest version also incorporated a few bugs in its kitty. With beta 1, 2 and 3 already rolled out, some are fixed and some are still in the tray. Take a look at the Top 10 bugs/issues that are currently plaguing Android Q.

Beta 3 goes live for 21 phones from 13 manufacturers including Asus ZenFone 5Z, Essential Phone, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, LGE G8, Nokia 8.1, OnePlus 6T, Oppo Reno, Realme 3 Pro, Sony Xperia XZ3, Tecno Spark 3 Pro, Vivo X27, Vivo Nex S, Vivo Nex A, Xiaomi Mi 9, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 5G, Google Pixel 3, Google Pixel 3 XL, Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel 2 XL, Google Pixel, and Google Pixel XL.

Please note that some of the issues/bugs covered might be device-specific and hence the solutions too.

Disabled Sim Card

Android Q beta 3 disables the physical SIM card if an embedded sim is added. The possible reason behind it could be the limited support for Dual SIM Dual Standby in Android Q beta 3. However, it is stated that DSDS had full support in beta 2.

The bug is encountered when you open Settings > Network & Internet and tap on the ‘+’ button next to Mobile Network. Resultantly, the phone shakes and the lock screen appears with a message that conveys ‘There is no SIM card’. When the screen is unlocked, the setup screen for the eSIM appears with the disabled physical sim in the background.

Solution: In the Settings section, click on the Search bar and type ‘carrier’ or ‘operator’. Select the option to use the SIM card or add another carrier. Enter your PIN in the screen that appears and this will bring the physical SIM into fully functional state. It may require to restart your phone afterwards.

No Notification Snoozing on Android Q Beta 3

With this bug currently plaguing Android Q, one cannot swipe left to snooze notifications anymore.
The extremely useful ‘notifications snoozing’ feature was introduced in Android Oreo. On swiping left, the bell icon appeared that allowed users to snooze the notifications for a specific period so that you can deal with them later.

In the Android Q beta 3 version, the snoozing feature is replaced by two new options that allow the user to set priority of a notification. You can swipe left to access these new modes namely, Interruptive and Gentle.

Interruptive/Alert me mode notifies the user by making a sound and displaying in the notification drawer, status bar and lock screen. On the other hand, the Gentle/Show silently mode shows the notification only in the notification shade, without making any sound. Moreover, the notifications are not displayed in the status bar or the lock screen.

Startup Issue on using Over-The-Air(OTA) updates

Google has launched the Beta update recently. Users can get an over-the -air update on their devices by enrolling it for the Android Beta for Pixel program(Pixel users) or by visiting the official website of their respective device (other OEM users). However, Pixel users are encountering a phone hangup issue on downloading the OTA update. The installation begins and somewhere in the middle it hangs while optimizing apps.


  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Charge your device while rebooting.
  3. Pause and Resume the installation by clicking on the respective option located at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Flash the update manually by downloading the system image for your device. After that, follow the flashing instructions to flash it to your device. Make sure that you backup your device data beforehand.
    Also notice OTA updates are not delivered to manually flashed systems. Hence, users need to flash a new system image, each time a new update is released.

You may try any of the aforementioned solutions to fix the issue as it worked for many. Refer the Reddit thread to find more.

No priority settings for notifications from Messages

In the previous versions of Android, there were options to set priority for a Message notification. However, in the latest Q beta 3, Messages app doesn’t support silence or block notifications feature. Henceforth, the users wont have any control over notification settings and a message will always get displayed on the screen, notified by a ring.

Strenuous actions in the new fully gestural navigation setup

Users are finding it painful to let go of the three button navigation menu. The new fully gestural implementation involves highly strenuous gestures to access some functions. Major issues include accessing Google Assistant, hamburger menu and how to swipe back?

Solution: Android Q beta 3 does provide ways to access Google Assistant, hamburger menu (Android sliding sidebar), and to swipe back, however these are not straight-forward ones.
⦁ Swipe diagonally up at 45 degrees from the corners on the bottom to access Google Assistant.
⦁ Likewise, swipe diagonally from the left edge to open the hamburger menu.
⦁ Swipe horizontally from the right or left edge to implement the ‘back’ action.
However, the absence of back button is clearly annoying in the new fully gestural implementation. Additionally, a number of third-party apps have (hamburger) menus that appear on swiping the edge, hence conflicting with the swipe back functionality of Gestural implementation.

Android Q beta 3 doesn’t support activities from Background apps

When you open an app on your phone and after completing, hit the back option, it leaves the screen. However, it still keeps on running in the background.
With Q beta 3, apps running in the background are limited to not to launch any activity. This will stop them from appearing on the screen every now and then. Users are not finding this functionality useful as they might require some background apps to do so. For example, apps like Clock or Tasker work well in the background.

Solution: Google provides a solution to the above issue. You can either tap on a notification from the specific app or disable the feature in developer options. To disable, turn ON the option Allow background activity starts.

Broken Screen Pinning mode

Screen pinning allows a user to lock the phone to a single app.

However, adding one more in the list of bugs that are currently plaguing Android Q, this feature is not properly functioning in the fully gestural Android Q beta 3. When enabled, the user gets stuck on the Screen pinning mode as there are no buttons to exit the mode.
Even if the user somehow manages to access the home screen, the phone doesn’t operate correctly afterwards. It may not let you open other apps at one time, or access to settings and status bar is denied at other times.

Banking and Finance apps hindered

For those who depend largely on cashless payments are not going to admire Q beta 3. Many Banking and Finance apps, such as Google Pay, are getting a hindrance in their exact functioning. The most probable reason behind this bug could be a SafetyNet issue.

Solution: Manually clear the Play Store data and reboot your device to get the app working again. Presumably, this will work good for you, However if it doesn’t, either roll back beta 3 or wait for beta 4.

No more app pinning in Share menu

Android Q’s share menu is no longer providing support to pinning of apps. This feature was introduced in Android Nougat, where on holding an app, the App info and Pin options appeared. Users found it easier to share quickly by keeping their all-time favorite apps on the top of the list.

Making changes to the share menu, Android Q beta 3 displays the App info option only. Resultantly, you can use the apps, only as displayed, which may take you longer to access your favorite app.

Problem in updating Third-party apps

Last but not the least one in the list of  bugs/issues currently plaguing Android Q is the inability of users to update any apps in the Play Store. If you open the Play Store and initiate an update install on any of the third-party apps (your device is equipped with), the update instantly begins. However, in the middle, it hangs and goes in the Pending mode.

Solution: You may try rebooting your device, however, it is not a guaranteed solution to the bug.









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