Top 10 Best Time-Lapse Apps for Android and iPhone (2019)

If it can be Written or Thought, It can be Filmed. Video freaks must be nodding their heads in agreement.

With great cameras on smartphones supplied with a good deal of video modes like Slo-mo, full-fledged pro and more, film making is quite a cakewalk these days. Moreover, distinctive features like Time-lapse are either in-built or available in the form of apps. Browse the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and a bagful of Time-lapse apps are at your fingertips. Here, I am listing the Top 10 Best apps for Android or iPhone in 2019. Go, check out and shoot!

But wait, let me first tell you what a time-lapse video is? You must have glimpsed parts of videos that are too quick, depicting scenarios in the blink of an eye. For instance, sunrise or sunsets, clouds rolling through the sky, tide at beach, busy streets, running children, rush-hour traffic, flowers blossoming, painting a picture, falling snow, lighting and gradual burning of candles and many more. Certainly, the stunning videos are the outcome of the time-lapse technology.

A time-lapse video is actually shot at a much slower speed than the usual 16 fps (frames per second). When the video is played, it flows at the normal speed. Hence, time appears to be moving much faster rendering the special time-lapse effect. So, now check and shoot!


best time-lapse apps
Image Source : Google Play Store

Topping our list is the popular, freely available app for Android users, Framelapse. Developed by Neximo Labs, it is the most user-friendly app to create quality rich, time-lapse videos in a few seconds. The free version may pop some ads, however the Pro version of the app (for $2.99) is completely ad-free.


  • Gives you the ability to set frame interval, video duration, orientation and lot more about your video including the resolution and bitrate.
  • Enables you to adjust camera settings like Exposure, Zoom, Autofocus, White balance, Timer to start and end, color effects etc.
  • Built-in calculator to calculate the duration of the video recording.
  • Creates the video in MP4 format supported on a range of devices.
  • Offers Sleep mode while recording with your screen off.
  • Supports both front and back cameras.
  • Lets you apply filters on your video.
  • Takes no rendering time.

Install Free/ Buy.

 Lapse It

best time-lapse apps
Image Source : Lapse It

A full featured app for creating stunning time-lapse videos on your Android and iOS device, Lapse It bags the second place in our catalog. Developed by Interactive Universe, it is available as both free and paid edition for $2.99.


  • Enables you to change video’s resolution, codec, frames per second, and even add an audio or an effect to it before rendering.
  • Manual control over settings like focus, adjusting ISO, scene mode, white balance, colors and more.
  • Supports optikns like timestamp, trimming and editing, playing the video backward.
  • You can specify the interval after which each frame is clicked.
  • Allows scheduling of recording for automatic start and stop.
  • Lets you shoot Slo-mo videos too.

    Snag is most features are available in the pro version.

Android users: Install Free/ Buy.
iOS users: Install Free/ Buy.

  Microsoft Hyperlapse 

best time-lapse apps
Image Source : Trusted Reviews

Developed by Microsoft, Hyperlapse is another best time-lapse app, equipped with the simplest user interface. Exclusively for the Android platform, it lets the user import and enhance existing videos as well.


  • Allows you to set the resolution, speed and the location of the saved video.
  • Enables effortless sharing of your high-quality time-lapse videos on several social-media platforms.
  • You can also stabilize the video if kept at 1x speed.
  • Supports Android 4.4 KitKat and above.
  • Totally Free yet Ad-free.

Install Free.

  Time Lapse Camera : Time Spirit

best time-lapse apps
Image Source : Google Play Store

Next, in the list is the Time Lapse Camera by the TimeLapse Studio. Supplied with an intuitive interface, it provides two different modes, namely Photo Lapse and Video Lapse. The distinctive Photo Lapse mode enables user to present small changes that take much longer to come off. In addition, it takes over 30 images and converts it into a time lapse video.


  • The app enables you to add music to your time lapse video.
  • Freely available, the app hinders with no ads.
  • Lets you change the resolution of your video.
  • You can also specify the duration between 1 minute to 12 hours.
  • Both front and back camera is supported.
  • Supports filters on your video.
  • Allows quick publishing on YouTube.

Install Free.


best time-lapse apps
Image Source : iTunes

For folks with iPhones, TimeLapse is the ultimate choice. Offering manual control for the settings such as saturation, brightness, contrast, exposure and more, it is freely available with no ads. However, there is a limit on the number of videos that can be recorded using the free version. For more, you will have to buy the Pro version for $4.99.


  • Equipped with easy to use and understand interface.
  • Lets you record 4K (horizontal resolution 4000 pixels ) videos.
  • Ability to record tilt-shift videos.
  • Zero time-lapse flicker.
  • Enables you to edit videos frame-by-frame.
  • Allows blocking of white balance changes and focus shifts.
  • Brightness of the phone can be reduced while recording.
  • Allows you to select and apply filters to your liking.

Install Free/ Buy.


best time-lapse apps
Image Source : OSnap PhotoApp

OSnap! is another app in our list that provides the ability to create both time-lapse and stop motion videos on iPhones. A feature rich app, it supplies most of the features in the free version except recording in high resolution(1080p) and recording unlimited number of videos. That is to say, the two features are available in pro version for $4.99.


  • Lets you set the orientation, aspect ratio and resolution of your video.
  • Provides with some Preset projects that can be used in your video.
  • Supports both portrait and landscape shooting modes.
  • Set an interval, clap and OSnap! clicks a picture.
  • Allows use of both front and rear camera while film making.
  • Enables you to add music to create a spectacular time-lapse video.

Install Free/ Buy.

   PicPac Stop Motion & TimeLapse

best time-lapse apps
Image Source : Just Make Animation

The only time-lapse app that can take voice commands of the user is PicPac Stop Motion. In the previous section, you read about OSnap taking a picture on the sound of a clap. Likewise, PicPac responds to a loud noise by clicking a photograph on its own.


  • Allows both time-lapse and slo-mo video creation.
  • Lets the user make or import a video and render the time-lapse effect to it.
  • Full featured Pro version at $4.69
  • Allows you to give voice commands to control manual modes
  • Supports Android
  • Can also create a time-lapse using photos clicked by the user.
  • Adding a voice recording or audio file to video is quite easy.
  • You can append your own logo at the end of the video.
  • Lets you integrate various projects into one.

Install Free/ Buy.

  Hyperlapse from Instagram

best time-lapse apps
Image Source : Say Daily

Furnished with the simplest interface, Hyperlapse is Instagram’s version of a time-lapse app. Designed exclusively for iPhone users, it records your video on a single click.


  • Automatic stabilization technology that smoothens videos recorded while in motion.
  • Allows sharing of video on Instagram or Facebook.
  • Videos can be time-lapsed upto 12x the original speed.
  • No need to have an Instagram account to use the app.
  • Available free.

    Lack of video editing tools.

Install Free.

   iTimeLapse Pro

best time-lapse apps
Image Source : App Store

iTimeLapse Pro is the only time-lapse app that allows the user to share the video with others using the app. Your videos automatically get public visibility when added to the app’s gallery. Gallery is a common storehouse wherein users can see each other’s creations. The time-lapse video is created out of a series of images, clicked manually or over/after a set time interval.


  • Exclusive for iPhones.
  • You can very easily append a music file to your video.
  • Full control over settings including resolution, frequency, aspect ratio, number of frames, blending mode etc.
  • In addition, it allows you to save videos as draft so that you can resume and complete the project later.
  • Publishing your video is the easiest task with iTimeLapse Pro.
  • Paid for $2.99

Buy here.

  TimeLapse Video editor Pro

best time-lapse apps
Image Source : DLANDROID

A tool for video making pros, TimeLapse Video Editor Pro supports Android OS. Most importantly, it is available as a free to use app equipped with multitude of features.


  • A proficient time-lapse video creator + video editor
  • Allows imported video to be converted to a time-lapse.
  • You can easily trim the video to omit scenes from either end of the video.
  • Multiple options to raise the quality of the video.
  • Provides you with different speeds to select as per your choice.
  • Make your video lively by adding background score to it.
  • Finally, easy sharing on various social media platforms.

Install Free.


Featured Image Source : Cnet

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