Top 10 best schools in Bengaluru

Schooling do effects the future. Studying from a good institute can help a student a lot to know, to open with the world, and stay encouraged in the upcoming challenges. As the first you learn, it stays till end. Here we have come up with some genuine best schools in Bengaluru which are of course good in everything right from education, curriculum activities, sports and a lot more.

  1. NPS, Koramangala

Source: NPSK

NPS was founded by Gopal Krishna, a veteran educationalist. This school is known for producing IITians and IIM ians. The motto of helping children unlock their hidden potential and excel at what they do. There are classes from nursery to 12th. They are affiliated with the CBSE. there are also various extracurricular activities and the school takes part in various sports activities too. There are various campus facilities as:

  1. The school has spacious and ventilated classrooms. All the classrooms have large bulletin boards to stick up trivia and other interesting facts.
  2. The library is well stocked with encyclopedias, periodicals, maps, journals and CD-ROMs that can be used by both teachers and students.
  3. A state-of-the-art computer lab is present on the campus. All computers have the P4 configuration.

  4. The science labs are brightly lit and equipped to meet the needs of learners.

2. HAL Public School

Source: HAL Public School

HAL Public School is CBSE affiliated and has classes from Nursery to 12th. They have the most beautiful campus and as a part of the learning they promote morning assemblies, excursions, and field trips. The children are motivated to take part in various extracurricular activities. The presence of Science, English, Social Science and Math helps students collaborate and learn from peers with similar interests.

Various campus facilities include,

  1. Nestled among trees, this school has all the amenities a student needs to learn and excel.
  2. Block A houses the library, AV room, and senior classes.
  3. Block B houses the labs, art room, and music room.
  4. A big playground on the campus allows students to rejuvenate themselves.

3. National Academy of Learning

Source: School Connects

National Academy of Learning is another unit of the NPS group founded by DR. Gopal Krishna. The School tucked away in a small residential part of the Basaveshwaranagar.

The various campus facilities include,

  1. NAFL is a four storied building that overlooks a vast playground. It has well-ventilated classrooms.
  2. A user-friendly library, built over the years, stocks resources, maps, encyclopedias, and other reference material for students.
  3. The school also has roof top labs that make learning a fun and joyous experience.
  4. The audio visual room has a capacity of 300 seats!

4. Sri Kumaran Children’s home

Source: School Connects

Sri Kumaran Children’s Home or Kumarans School, was founded by Anasuya Devi in 1959. The school has a stimulating and a very supportive ambiance that makes it a home away from home for students. The School has carved its own reputation.

Their Curriculum includes:

  1. The school offers State, CBSE, and ICSE syllabus. However, the CBSE wing is the most popular.
  2. The curriculum, despite being largely inspired by the CBSE syllabus, also includes other enriching activities that make children eager to learn.
  3. Co-curricular activities such as pottery, swimming, and drawing are highly motivated and encouraged.

5. JSS Public School

Source: EduStoke

JSS Public School is a self funded school and is affiliated with the CBSE. they offer classes from LKG to 12th std. Sports, art, drama and health education are part of the curriculum in the school.Children are also encouraged to be part of CMCA and interact rotary clubs.

Their Campus Facilities include:

  1. The school believes that a library plays a vital role in the growth and development of children. And, this is why the school library is well-stocked with select books, magazines, dictionaries, journals, and encyclopedias.
  2. The reference section of the library has computers to look up information on the web.
  3. The school also has a KG activity room, an infirmary, and a large audio-visual room.

6. Jyothi Kendriya Vidyalaya

Source: UrbanPro

Jyothi Kendriya Vidyalaya is run by Jyothy Charitable Trust. It was inaugurated in 1989 and is run by educationalist Dr. B.N.V. Subrahmanya. The school is CBSE affiliated and follows the CCE method which was introduced recently.

Their campus facilities include:

  1. The school strongly believes in imparting quality education but adapts to the latest technological advancements. The state-of-the-art facilities in the school nurture children’s minds and encourage them to learn in a conducive environment.
  2. The school campus has a large audio visual room, modern labs and resource rooms.
  3. Apart from the amenities mentioned above, the school also has an indoor swimming pool and a cafeteria.

7. KLE Society School

Source: Academy for Creative Teaching

The school run by KLE group is known to be one of the best schools in its area. For years, the group of institutions strived to be global leaders in education and research.

The school offers classes from Nursery to 12th std. Teachers and faculty are well trained and help in the overall development of each student. The student-teacher ratio in each class is 21:1.

Their campus facilities include:

  1. The school has digital classrooms, a large assembly, a playground, and a small canteen.
  2. The library is well-stocked with all the books needed by both teachers and students.
  3. Laboratories are modern, well-lit and have all the equipment needed by students.

8. Kendriya Vidyalaya

Source: KV

The KV’s cater to the growth and educational needs of children of parents working for the Central Government. The syllabus and methodologies the schools follow are designed by the Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan. The school has classes 1 to 12, is co-educational and follows the CBSE syllabus. NCERT books are the guides to teaching at KV- ASC.

Their campus facilities include:

  1. The school immaculately maintains the campus.
    A large playground allows students to indulge in recreational sports such as volleyball, cricket, and hockey.
  2. The school also has an indoor table tennis room.
  3. 60 classrooms, four labs, and three computer labs are part of the campus. The labs are all well equipped with modern apparatus and all other paraphernalia needed.

9. Nation Hill Public View School

Source: NHVPS

Nation Hill Public View School  has an all-important accreditation from the Govt. of Karnataka and follows the CBSE syllabus. Though they follow the CBSE syllabus which is rather well planned, the school incorporates small changes and adapts new methodologies to enable an all-round development for children.

Their Campus Facilities include:

  1. The NHVPS campus has state-of-the-art facilities for not just academic but also non-academic pursuits. It has large ventilated classrooms and audio visual centers to aid the learning process.
  2. The science labs are up to date with the latest technological advancements.
  3. The library is well stocked and also has a special multimedia center corner for browsing.

10. Presidency School

Source: Presidency School

Presidency School is run by the Presidency Group found in 1976. Since its inception, the school has set itself goals to better its services and is now a benchmark in the field of education. It is a CBSE affiliated Co-educational school. The admission is dependent on an admission exam.

Their facilities include:

  1. Classrooms are large and well ventilated with big windows that let in bright light and gusts of fresh air.
  2. Classrooms are adorned with children’s projects that give them a sense of ownership and belonging.
  3. Play areas house child-friendly equipment and open spaces to indulge in other sports.
  4. Libraries are well stocked with books, and the labs have all hi-tech equipment needed.
  5. The school provides transportation to those interested in availing the same.

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