Top 10 Best Parenting Lessons for New Mums

As they quote “Parenting doesn’t come with a manual”, we believe the same but are fascinated with multiple parenting styles. Parenting is not a series of lessons that one can imbibe but a gradual process in which one keeps learning in a school where the mentor is a child. An effective parent is a quick respondent, they learn to manage their response for child’s action. Being a parent myself, I have learned most of the things from my child and not by the advice. I can sum up a list that one may find useful while parenting(specially new mothers who tend to panic every now and then).

1. Don’t worry mommy, your child is constantly evolving.

Hey Mama, I am exploring the world which is very new to me, so chill and give me some time. This is what your child says when she doesn’t say anything at all. Its absolutely OK when she cries a little, she is learning to express her distress(you can cry along if you feel like). Its OK when she pukes, she may had a bad digestion. If she gets fever, her immune system is developing. If she has mid night blues, she is still learning the difference between day and night. We know you are having bad nights, but stay calm as it shall pass and you will soon be longing for more of those cuddly warm hugs and cozy nights. You will look back at those times with wonderful memories.

2. Never hit a child, no matter what.

Never instill the fear of pain in your child’s mind, its the worst thing you can do to her( especially till the time they can retaliate with their actions or anger). Hitting a child will not sort any purpose, its just the outburst of your anger. Just because you feel something is right for your child, doesn’t give you any right to enforce it on her. Teach them with patience, eventually they will surprise you. Teach them with anger, and get prepared to see their retaliation.

3. Be consistent while inculcating good habits.

Every parent wants a well behaved child. For that parents need to be on their toes first. Remember a child is learning continuously from his surroundings, and in early years, most of her surroundings is her parents. Even when you don’t realize, they pick up something or the other from you. So the mantra is to project a good behavior even when you are sleeping.

4. Never panic while listening to other moms, your child is constantly learning.

Some kids learn numbers first while some are good in kicking ball. Every child has different reflex, you need to see that. They grow fast, don’t panic when some other mother tell you about her child’s achieved milestones at some particular age. People just sputter their own ideologies. If you are looking for guidance, consult specialists.

5. Stay curious and keep learning.

As they say, “Never stop educating yourself”. No matter how learned are you, your child will teach you new lessons everyday. She will show you altogether a different world. Kids drop hints for what they want and how they want it. So keep registering and updating, to bring a better version of you.

6. Practice makes a parent better.

Keep practicing good habits, new rules, new routines etc. Believe me, your child will do that automatically. In this process, you will also develop better skills. Be consistent with your routines with your kid, it will help him to develop into a disciplined adult.

7. Communicate with your little one.

This is very important point. Take as much time out as you can, to talk to your child. No matter how busy you are, you need to communicate with your child. This way, you both will develop a better understanding of each other. Plus your child will show a lot of confidence in you.

8. Set boundaries but never force your child.

Do set do and don’t rules for your child but not too forcibly. Apply them with ease, tell them why they need to listen to you. Listen to a child carefully and give them space too. Sometimes they just want to go there way, so let them break rules once in a while, its OK too.

9. Be kind.

Be kind to your kids as well as to others. Your little munchkin is going to learn this from you. Tell them to share, teach them to give, show them how to love and see them blossoming into wonderful human beings.

10. Stay cheerful.

One of the most important thing that you can gift your child is “happiness”. A happy family will most likely make a happy child. Set bedtime routines, family gaming and laughing sessions, take them out in park, teach them enthusiastically, play as much as you can. All this happy parenting will turn them into happy adults. They will see the world through various lenses which is very important lesson of life.

At the end we want our kids to turn into compassionate, accomplished and wonderful human beings.

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