Top 10 Anti-Spyware Software For Android

With the advancement of technology, new malware software are found every day. Any malware that can get access to your Android phone can spy on you by installing a hidden app on your phone is called the Spyware. These spying apps can take control of your phone camera, access your location with GPS tracker, contact list, read your text message, listen to your phone conversations and even access your saved files. Anti-spyware apps come handy to curb the menace of such spyware software. It monitors all the apps installed on your mobile and reports whenever there is any new spyware or suspicious activity found on your phone. Here we are discussing the list of such anti-spyware apps. All you need to do is find these apps and install on your Android phone to get rid of Spyware.


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If you know computers, you know Kaspersky. Kaspersky Internet Security is a well-known internet security software and has helped protect data on millions of devices. This software is lightweight and runs very smoothly in the background without straining the system resources. If you are looking for spyware protection, this is one of the best apps available in the market. The app works flawlessly on almost any device. The interface is well designed and enables you to perform required functions with just a few taps.

Norton Security

Norton Security is one of the best Antivirus and internet security software out in the market. This app has every feature set to outperform any best Android security app. The app is specially designed for your Android smartphone and keep it safe from any kind of Spyware attack. This app helps you in preventing any kind of data theft as well as actual physical theft of your Android device. The one tap anti-spyware scans and reviews help you detect and protect your device from malware and viruses easily.

AVAST Mobile Security

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Avast is also one of the best apps available for protecting your Android device form Spyware attack. It is simple and easy to use Antispyware app for Android. It includes dedicated security tools like virus and malware scanner that can help you track your device easily and effectively. The interface of this app is simple to use and understand helps a lot. This app gives proper notification about the permission status of other apps. You can easily scan for the spyware detection and protect your phone with just a simple tap from intruders.

Dr.Web Security Space

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This app is a perfect solution if you are looking to root out malware as well as spyware from your Android device. It is one of the highly recommended Anti-spyware apps. The app can find the spyware on the device easily and also help to remove it within a fraction of seconds. This is one of the fastest apps that can make your Android device spyware free. However, this app is available for only 14 days trial period and after this limit, you have to purchase the app. If you’re tired of spyware on your device, this is one of the best anti-spyware apps for Android.

Real-Time AntiSPY

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This is the spy app that detects and removes malicious apps containing spyware from your Android device. It also removed all the apps that can record your calls, and have access to your call logs and browser history without prior permission. It warns the user about the suspicious apps that have permissions to access your phone details unnecessarily. Real-Time AntiSPY can help you find out the anti-theft apps as well. If you are looking for total security from Spyware then this app is the solution.

 Spy Mic Bodyguard | Anti Spy

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This is the best Anti-Spyware app for users who think that their microphone is used to spy on them and their calls are being recorded. There are many apps that require access to record audio but some of them use your recordings for other purposes without your permission. Spy Mic Bodyguard can help the user protect its privacy by identifying, informing and blocking the unauthorized microphone usage. This app uses on-demand microphone scan to check the status of the microphone. You can also set a microphone blocker to prevent any app from using your device’s microphone.

Anti Spy Detector Pro

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This is one best anti-spyware apps for Android that helps to detect and remove spyware and malicious application from your device. It performs a quick search to find out the harmful applications and you can easily uninstall those apps with just a few taps. This app has an easy overview and interface that helps the user to scan the device and keep is safe for spyware app. You can also view the list of required permissions of each application installed on your device with this app.

Privacy Scanner (Antispy)

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This app can determine if your cell phone is being monitored by someone. This app is available in two versions free and pro. It also detects ParentalControl and surveillance apps, which might be misused to spy on spouses, These apps using GPS-Track technologies can receive and send SMS, read your contacts, read your call history and reads your calendar as well. But, with the help of this app, you can easily find such surveillance apps and remove them from your device. This app has a simple to use interface and doesn’t make your device slow.

Anti Spy Mobile Free

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If you want to prevent your phone from being a spy by someone then you can download this app. Antispy mobile free app is compatible with Android devices and is available for free on google play store. It can block any new spyware that tries to enter your Android device instantly. This App is also capable of protecting the super-sensitive information such as banking account numbers, passwords, emails, and voicemails stored on your device. To access the full features, a paid version of this app is also available.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

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This one of the best Anti-spyware apps available. This app will inform you about potential threats while browsing and also gives the option to block it completely. It allows you to remotely lock your device and even erase your personal data in case your smartphone is stolen. The app runs smoothly on almost any device and takes minimal resources.

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