10 best car tyre brands

The motion safety of a vehicle depends , not entirely, on the quality  of the tyre. Tyre is a rubber covering for the wheel. There are the many companies manufacturing tyres, out of which the Top Notch manufacturers maintain a balance in the internal composition to tackle any potential hazardous situations.


best car tyre

Source: Michelin

Michelin is a very popular french brand was founded by the Michelin Brothers, Edouard and Andre Michelin. The Michelin tires have a reputation for quality rubber that will keep your car Fuel-Free and secure on the road. The Michelin has gotten all the popularity not only by advertisements but by providing what they advertise. The two very famous racing organisations- Le Mans and Moto GP are specialising in using the Michelin tyres. Not only Car tyres, the Michelin also specialises in making Cycles and other commercial vehicles tyres. The Michelin also manufactures tyres for heavy vehicles like airplanes, space shuttles , aircrafts etc. Michelin was the pioneer in manufacturing of Radial tyres and other technologies. The exceptional quality of tyres it produces has made it possible for the company to stand the test of times, with formidable existence for about 130 years, and with revenue of about 20 billion Euros annually.


best car tyre

Source: Rubber and Plastic News

Bridgestone was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi. It is a Japanese brand. Bridgestone specialises in manufacturing Auto and Truck parts. The Bridgestone has individually used the Japanese technology when the market was dominated by the European and North american Technology. As its marketing strategy the Bridgestone has become the sponsors to many sports activities like Car racing and motorcycle racing etc. Bridgestone also deals in golf products, journalism, bicycle brands as well as commercial services etc.


best car tyre

Source: Quora

Pirelli was founded in 1872 by Giovanni Battista in Milan, Italy. It is a very popular and a well known tyre manufacturing company which is one of the largest and oldest. The pirelli has a reputation for manufacturing super tyres for super cars. The Pirelli tyres aren’t as costly as one might think and they come with a tread life warranty. The Pirelli also have manufacture centres in Georgia USA and Rome. The company’s products are designed to fit an array of light trucks and cars. The main selling factor of Pirelli is its good name when it comes to handling wet and dry grips.


best car tyre

Source: Cooper Tires

Cooper is a US based company which specialises in manufacturing tyres for Trucks and automobiles. The company has two names – ‘ The Rubber Company and The Cooper Tire’ where the tagline says “The Tire with two names- the company and the man who built it” . the Cooper Provides the best quality at a competitive price. Besides the Cooper brand, the Global Cooper company network also designs and produces other tire brands like: Dick Cepek, Mickey Thompson, Avon Tyres, Starfire Roadmaster, Dean etc.


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Source: Tech Front

Goodyear was founded in 1892 by Frank Seiberling in America. Goodyear has a wide range of products, from tires for motorcycles, farm equipment, light trucks, commercial trucks, automobiles, race cars, SUVs to tires for heavy earth-mover machinery and airplanes. This company also manufactured tires for bicycle from its founding until the year 1976. In 2017, was nominated as one of the four leading tyre manufacturing company.

Goodyear also owns 75% of Dunlop Tyres and 100% of Kelly Springfield . For years, Goodyear and its subsidiary Dunlop have often been pacesetters and leaders in the quality production of tyres among their competitors.

Continental Tyres

best car tyre

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Continental Tyres is a German Based tyre manufacturing company which is headquartered in Hanover. Continental is the fourth most popular tyre brand in North America and around the seventh in the world. The company has been able to make a name for itself as a leading producer of replacement and original tyres. The high grade tyres are combined with three elements- Safety, Fuel Economy and Environmental friendliness.


best car tyre

Source: Dunlop

Dunlop Is famous tyre manufacturing company with a long history in UK since the late 18th century and was founded by John Boyd Dunlop. Dunlop tires always meet the standards of many leading car manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo, AMG, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Chrysler, TVR, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, Isuzu, GM Daewoo, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda etc. Dunlop tyres are characterised by some Top Notch Features including Hydro Paddle system, the traction web, the dunlop self supporting and the silicarbon Matrix ™  technologies.


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Source: Summit Tracing

Yokohama was founded in 1917 in Japan and expanded its Operations in US from 1968. Yokohama places much emphasis on handling of wet as well as dry grips. From the 2015-16 season, Yokohama became the main sponsor of the Premier League club Chelsea. Yokohama is the official tire supplier of the IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge, World Championship and Super Formula of Japan.


best car tyre

Source: Tire Review

Hankook was established in 1941 as Chosun Tire Company. In 1953 the company was renamed as the Hankook Tire Company. Headquarters in Seoul, Hankook has a global presence, with the North American headquarters having been established in Wayne, New Jersey. Many original types of equipment land on the market equipped with Hankook tyres. the company is a tire supplier for the international brands such as Benz, BMW, Audi and many factories manufacturing and manufacturing cars in the world.

MRF Tyres

best car tyre

Source: Go Bumpers

MRF Tyres or Madras Rubber Foundation is an Indian Company which has got popular in the Global Market. On the global platform, the MRF tyres are among the most trusted due to the combination of comfort offered and the extreme toughness offered. MRF has won a number of awards such as the JD Power Award that it has scooped a record eleven times.

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