American Idol Top 10 2019

Powerpacked performances, unique style, soothing voices, the contestants of American Idol 2019 has them all to be at the top. However, there is always one who takes the crown away. Though we are far from that, but that one is going to be from the horde of Top 10.

Enlisting the  Top 10 contestants of the season 17 of the musical reality show.

Madison VanDenburg

American Idol Top 10
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17 year old Madison VanDenburg, from Cohoes New York, has made it to the Top 10 of American Idol 2019. An all time judges’ favorite, Madison took to singing after her much applauded sixth grade play performance. Moreover, she is not just a vocal artist, but can play several musical instruments too including guitar, piano and flute.


  • Madison bagged the first place at the CASA ‘Raise Your Voice’ competition for two consecutive years.
  • Madison won the Soap Box Derby in 2010, when she was just 8 years old.

Walker Burroughs

Top 10 American Idol
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20 year old singer from Birmingham, Albama, Walker Borroughs, had been a performing artist since his high school times. Bagging praises from all three of judges at every performance, Walker can very well play guitar and piano while singing. Further, Walker is currently pursuing music education from Belmont University.


  • Walker has a ballad single to his credit, “The Moon Song” released in July 2018.
  • Walker performs with the Belmont University’s music school’s a cappella group, The Beltones.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon

Top 10 American Idol
Image Source : Celebs Blurb

Jeremiah, the 26 year old musician from Catonsville, Maryland has left the judges and viewers impressed at all times, making it to the Top 10 of the 17th season. The only openly gay contestant of American Idol 2019, he is a former church janitor in his father’s church.


  • Jeremiah released a self-titled EP with Harding Street Assembly Lab, a Virginia record label.
  • For 3 years in a row, Jeremiah performed at the Lynchstock Music Festival in Lynchburg, Virginia.
  • He released a new single “Learn to Love” post his Idol audition. Click here to listen to the beautiful track.

Wade Cota

American Idol Top 10
Image Source : Goldderby

27 year old singer-songwriter, Wade Cota had a very rough upbringing and has survived abuse and domestic violence for years. With a powerful husky, yet unique voice, he has been a standout throughout the show.


  • Wade started performing in bands when he was just 12 years old, currently leading the band Sugar Water.
  • Wade has also acted in popular series Losing It (2015) and  Last Christmas! (2016)

Laci Kaye Booth

American Idol Top 10
Image Source : InformationCradle

The super-talented 23 year old from Texas, Laci Kaye Booth is daughter of country music singer Jody Booth. With her amazing unique voice, she has always wowed the listeners of the show. Beginning with playing guitar and penning her own songs at 9 years of age, Laci had loved music her entire life.


  • Laci started recording music with her father in Arkansas, when she was 15.
  • As a young girl, she used to sing regularly at church.

Laine Hardy

Top 10 American Idol
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The 18 year old singer, Laine Hardy appeared on American Idol 2018 too. However, he could not even make it to the Top 50 then. Blowing away the judges and audience with his powerful yet soothing voice, Laine walked in the auditions of 2019 to play guitar for his friend Ashton Gill.  However, he was persuaded to perform, to which he belted out “The Weight” track. Consequently, he was offered the golden ticket to Hollywood.


  • Laine recorded his 3 song first EP In The Bayou in 2018.
  • He also has a single “Blue Christmas” , released in 2018, to his credit.
  • Laine is a part of the popular group The Band Hardy from Louisiana.
  • He is famed for his line of clothing as well.

Alejandro Aranda

American Idol Top 10
Image Source : Goldderby

Another Frontrunner on the season 17 of the American Idol, Alejandro Aranda is a 24 year old dishwasher from California. Stunning the judges with his original song “Out Loud” in the auditions, Alejandro has always floored everyone since the beginning. A piano and guitar player, also known by the stage name ScaryPoolParty, he is been playing music for last 4 years only.


  • Alejandro recorded his first single “Out Loud” in 2018, available on Spotify.
  • He has bagged Five of Five Entertainment and California State University, Northridge’s Artist of the Year in 2017.

Uché Ndubizu

Top 10 American Idol
Image Source : Chron

The 24 year old singer and songwriter, Uche Ndubizu, is originally a Nigerian-American model from Texas. Week after week, the ‘American Idol’ judges had been blown away by Ndubizu’s high energy performances. Currently attending college at Southern Methodist University, he was born in Houston.


  • Uche has an EP entitled My Generation, released in 2017, to his credit.
  • Winner of the Acuvue 1-Day contest, Uche shot a national commercial in which he was personally mentored by Joe Jonas.
  • In 2014, Uche released his single “Shoo Fly” ahead of his promotion by the acne brand Acuvue.
  • He also performed in the college’s acapella group, Southern Gentlemen.
  • Uche worked as a singer in a wedding band called Drywater Band, formed in 2004.

Dimitrius Graham

American Idol Top 10
Image Source : Globe Intel

Owner of a smooth voice, 28 year old Dimitrius Graham has found a placed in the Top 10 of the American Idol 2019. Dimitrius has continued to wow the audiences with powerful and uniquely styled performances.


  • In 2016, he bagged the first place at The Apollo Theater by belting out a rendition of “A Change is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke.
  • He has modeled for the L.Owens Apparel clothing line.
  • Dimitrius has been a popular musician having a good presence online on YouTube, Instagram and Sound Cloud, with the name Meech.

Alyssa Raghu

Top 10 American Idol
Image Source : Orlando Weekly

Just 17 years old, Alyssa Raghu has quickly emerged as a frontrunner on the American Idol 2019. Second time on the reality competition, she made her debut audition in the season 16. Alyssa,raised in Orlando, has a Indo-Guyanese and Mexican origin with her parents belonging to the respective areas.


  • Alyssa is a regular performer at charity fundraisers for Military Veterans and Save the Abee Foundation.
  • She also presides as Chairperson of the Global Citizen Committee at the World Heritage Cultural Center.

Announced on May 19th, 18 year old Laine Hardy has bagged the trophy of American Idol 2019 !




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