10 Best Educational YouTube Channels

Is YouTube is the best source of edutainment? What are some of the best youtube educational channels? Yes, YouTube is a great medium to share your videos and learn new things through tutorials, and it is the best example of learning while being entertained. YouTube has thousands of channels that can teach you any subject you could ever think for learning, literally. Most of the videos posted on YouTube can teach you anything and everything in the most fun way. From difficult scientific theories to music, recipe videos to technical tips you just name a topic and YouTube has a video on it.

If you are also looking for some education or edutainment, simply, open YouTube and in no time you will be enjoying learning. But, the problem lies in the fact that there are numerous videos available on YouTube. Sometimes it gets challenging to find the best out of the lot. We have created a list of top 10 best educational channel for you. Check the list below and explore the world of learning on YouTube


Image Source CrashCourse

Subscribers: 8.5 M
Views: 945 M

Channels started by Green bothers, Crash Course provides high-quality educational videos on subjects like history, psychology, biology, ecology and much more. It helps to transform the traditional textbook model into fast-paced information format, improving the learning experience. The video courses in the form of fascinating informational videos help the viewer learn more. Indeed a great source of educational videos. Moreover, every video is available for free on the channel.

CGP Grey

Image Source CGP Grey

Subscribers: 3.5 M
Views: 388 M

CGP Grey is one of the best educational YouTube channels in existence. They have the best explanatory videos on a wide range of topics such as history, politics, and culture etc. The videos are presented in a simple and humorous fashion. It keeps the viewer’s interest intact during the whole duration while learning.


Image Source  Ted Ed

Subscribers: 7.9 million
Views: 1.1 billion

It is one of the most watched and cherished educational channels on YouTube. Everything from lesson ideas on professional development opportunities and more is available on this channel. Videos are presented in powerful animation style, which is easy to comprehend. The videos are related to topics of general discussion, history, science, people, ideas worth sharing to the world.

Kurzgesagt: In a Nutshell

Image Source Kurzgesagt In a Nutshell

Subscribers: 7.5 M
Views: 513M

This channel has videos explaining topics like evolution, time, space and our existence in the universe. All the videos are presented in the most amazing animated format so, learning new things gets easier than earlier. Therefore, this is one of the best educational YouTube channels for learning topics.

Khan Academy

Image Source Khan Academy

Subscribers: 4.4 million
Views: 1.6 billion

Khan Academy is one of the finest educational YouTube channels that cover videos on every study related topics and subjects. These videos help students succeed in math, biology, chemistry, physics, history, economics, finance, grammar, and many other topics. All you have to do is choose your study area and start learning. Their idea is to provide free education to everyone and anyone. Additionally, teachers can also learn the topics and enhance their skills through it.


Image Source computerphile

Subscribers: 1.2 million
Views: 90 million

If you are interested in computer and anything related to computer Computerphile is the best educational Youtube channel for you. This channel has videos topics ranging from SQL injection to different programming languages. This is one of the most amazing channels for learning stuff about computers in a simple and fun way.

National Geographic

Image Source National Geographic

Subscribers: 9.8 M
Views: 2.7 B

Again, this is one of the most loved and watched educational YouTube channels ever. We have all grown up watching Nat Geo channel on TV and National Geographic channel on YouTube has the same impact on the next generation. Through the videos, it is inspiring people to care about the planet. Those who like to learn a thing or two about geography, science explorations, history, culture, and nature, this could be their ultimate destination for learning.

Life Noggin

Image Source Life Noggin

Subscribers: 2.4 million
Views: 317 million

Life noggin is an education Youtube Channel educating people on various topics like space, pop culture, art, everyday life, and a human body. The videos are presented through some animated character that makes it fun to learn facts about the world around us. Their videos are short and simple that help the viewer to easily understand the concepts without wasting time.


Image Source Veritasium

Subscribers: 4.9 million
Views: 459 million

Veritasium is one heck of a channel if you are interested in anything related to science and engineering. It includes videos having science experiments and engineering concepts explained in a simplistic style. Their videos help the viewer learn the complex concepts of science in a fun way. This is one of the main reason why this channel is such a big hit among its viewers.



Image Source Vsauce

Subscribers: 13 million
Views: 1.5 billion

Vsauce is another popular education channel on YouTube that has garnered millions of views on its videos. It is a channel dedicated to telling you about the amazing world around you. Michael Steven, the host has a unique humorous style of explaining the scientific events. This is one of the reasons that it attracts such a huge number of viewers.


Featured Image Courtesy Photo by Bruce mars from Pexels

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